Fair Pricing Promise

Here at Bulk Masks Direct, we always promise to charge extremely fair prices for our masks.

In fact, this branch of our business was founded specifically so we could negotiate better bulk purchase prices for our orders on behalf of frontline Hospitals, Nursing Homes, and other essential businesses during this COVID-19 crisis.

We charge only a single digit basis point markup to account for currency exchange fluctuations on our bulk purchases that we procure for hospitals and food service industry partners.  These are the businesses that keep our economy running while our nation goes through this crisis.

The more we are able to sell, the better prices we can get our partners fighting on the front lines of this pandemic.

Q: But these prices are so much higher than before the pandemic, how can you call these prices fair?

A: There is a global shortage of masks, and the USA is not the only country being affected by this.  Here at Bulk Masks Direct, you will NEVER be price gouged by buying a mask that we purchased from the manufacturer at a crazy low price. 

The current prices reflected on the site are representative of current market rates for raw materials and production costs.

For example, in December 2019 — the raw commodity price for the materials used in the production of N95 masks was a mere $3,000 / ton.

As of March 15, 2020, this raw material is now $65,000 / ton or a staggering 2167% INCREASE in raw material cost.

To put that into perspective, if you purchased 1 pound of ground beef to make a hamburger at $5.99 per pound, and then a supply chain shock sent the prices of raw beef up by 2167%, you would have to be paying $129.80 PER POUND of beef. 

Modern global supply chains do not handle systemic shocks well, and a common narrative is that it is because of people price gouging or hoarding.

While there is certainly some of that going on, this type of activity is a drop in the bucket to the global supply.

The real problem is that we went stockpiling little to no N95 equivalent masks to needing OVER 1 BILLION over the next 6 months as per estimates from the CDC and FDA.

This is just here in the USA.  The COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc in Europe even worse than in the USA thus far, where countries are literally stealing other countries’ mask supplies:


You can’t go from 0 to 1 billion new masks in 6 months without a ton of raw materials. 

But prior to a pandemic, who exactly is going to stock up enough material to make 1 billion N95 masks in 6 months?  As a business, you would go out bankrupt by keeping that much material in surplus for no reason. 

The only entities that would be able to stockpile this amount of raw materials are sovereign nations, and they clearly DID NOT do that.

And so now we’re left in the situation where we are helping get masks out to everyone who needs them as much as possible, but we need to pay market rates for raw materials.

Once raw materials go down in prices, our pricing will also go down in price as well.  After this entire pandemic is over, you will still be able to come here and trust that we have the best prices for you.

That is our commitment to you.  Thank you for your support and for helping to support the most important soldiers on the front lines of this war against the Coronavirus.